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Milk & Hot Chocolate


Milfresh Granulated Skimmed Milk
Freshers Granulated Hot Chocolate
Galaxy Hot Chocolate

Milfresh Granulated
Skimmed Milk
HVO & Fat Free
less than 3%

"Tastes as good as fresh."
Milfresh Superior
Granulated Skimmed Milk
delivers authentic quality milk
that and makes superb
cappuccino and latte with a
thick, creamy head.
The natural taste also makes
it ideal for tea and coffee.

Freshers Granulated
Hot Chocolate
Healthy & HVO Free

Granulated instant
hot chocolate drink

especially developed
for improved taste,
with a higher cocoa content
and a health friendly recipe
free of hydrogenated
vegetable oils
Freshers Granulated
is our best dispense chocolate.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate
With real Galaxy chocolate
in every cup, Galaxy Hot Chocolate
is a
silky smooth premium
instant hot chocolate
Galaxy Hot Chocolate is
the perfect chocolate for
an everyday treat.

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