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BianCaffe – Espresso Crema Strong Blend


Espresso Creama Strong blend for use in all Coffee Systems 

80% Arabica  20% Robusta Blend of Coffee Beans

a high-quality standard Italian blend at a low price.

for use in all traditional , semi automatic and automatic coffee systems

Packed in 500 gram or 1 kg Bags


To obtain a tasty ‘COFFEE’ , creamy and full-bodied , with a well-balanced flavour we make a strict selection of raw materials, using high quality products for our blends. Through a decennial experience of our tasters, each blend combines selected green coffees of two tropics, four different geographical areas, for an equilibrate mixture of their own typical features .

This will assure a constancy in taste , avoiding any possible consequent perceptible alteration due to the differences from lot to lot and from harvest to harvest. The entire production process : roasting, blending up to grinding is strictly controlled for creating an excellent coffee.

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