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Nescafe Original Granules


  • 750g Tin
  • Freeze Dried Soluble Coffee from 100% coffee Beans

    This product is supplied as 750g. Tin  1.8g makes a 200ml mug of coffee. 750g makes approx. 416 mugs.

  •  With its rich flavour and unmistakable aroma, there’s good reason why NESCAFÉ Original is the tried and tested favourite coffee*. It’s fair to say you really can’t beat the red mug.
  • Fuel your workforce with the delicious taste of NESCAFÉ Original Granules now available in a large coffee tin.

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For the perfect serve always use a dry measure and freshly boiled water (not boiling hot). 1 rounded teaspoon (minimum 1.8g) per mug. 1 rounded tablespoon (minimum 6g) per pint.
24 month shelf life.

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